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Sehen Sie sich dieses 30-minütige Video mit AFA-Präsident John Adams und AFA Medellin Office Manager Lorena an, um mehr über die Frauen von Medellin, die Stadt und ALLE GRÜNDE ZU ERFAHREN, die SIE BRAUCHEN, UM SICH HEUTE ANZUMELDEN für unsere nächste Tour nach Medellin!

Treffen Sie schöne Medellin Damen auf unserer 7 Tage / 6 Nächte Kolumbien Tour. Ihre Tour beinhaltet zwei fantastische Partys mit 50 bis 100 wunderschönen Medellin-Frauen. Die Frauen von Medellin gelten als die schönsten in ganz Lateinamerika. Mit nur 10 bis 15 Männern im Durchschnitt haben Sie mehr als ein Verhältnis von 7:1, und das ist nur die erste Nacht. Dann machen wir es am nächsten Abend wieder mit allen neuen Damen. Alle Damen sind Mitglieder unseres Service und werden vor der Teilnahme befragt. Neben unseren Socials führen wir auch unbegrenzte persönliche Einführungen während Ihres gesamten Aufenthalts durch. Viele unserer Kunden treffen sich mit zwei oder drei Frauen pro Tag und einige sogar mit fünf pro Tag. Unsere Mitarbeiter sind sehr erfahren und werden Ihren Aufenthalt so angenehm wie möglich gestalten. Deshalb haben wir auf unseren Lateinreisen eine Erfolgsquote von über 80 %.

Medellin Singles Tour Medellin bei Nacht


  • Zwei große Socials mit voller Verpflegung auf Einladung
  • Hotelunterkunft in Medellin, Kolumbien
  • Unbegrenzte persönliche Einführungen
  • Kostenlose Dolmetscher bei allen Socials
  • Abholung vom Flughafen
  • Tägliches Frühstück
  • Hotelbereich und Stadtorientierungstour
  • 24 Stunden Hospitality und Anleitung von unserem AFA-Mitarbeiter
  • Kostenose In-house Dolmetscherdienste in den AFA-Büro
  • 1 Monat Platinum Mitgliedschaft (Wert 95,00 USD )

Was unsere Kunden sagen


I wanted to thank you for what you do.

I went on your Cartagena tour last year and even though I did not find that special someone I had such a fantastic time I decided to give it another chance and go to Medellin. I could not be happier that I did. I did not think it could have been possible that Medellin could have been better then Cartagena and was blown away. Your staff Lorena and her team was fantastic. My translator Soraya was amazing. The only criticism that I have, is that at the social there were too many women and not enough time to meet them all.

The city and the country was unbelievable and the women very approachable and friendly. The location was excellent, Even though I chose to visit some of the neighboring cities and towns everything we needed was within walking distance from the hotel . Although your company solved one problem in my life you ended up giving me another. I did not meet one fantastic woman I met two. I am currently trying to decide which one I want to see again and am making plans to go back in December. Something tells me you may have another picture on your wall of success stories in the near future. As a typical New Yorker it takes a lot to humble me. Your trip to the orphanage did just that. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and something I will remember forever. I was so touched by the situation that I went back after the tour was over to have a private conversion with " Mama Lou" and found her to be a true angel on earth. Any woman that can care for 164 kids the way she does and the love that those kids showed us when we were there proved to me that this is an organization worth supporting and I commend your research on finding them.

So John, Keep up the great job. I cannot give enough credit to you and your organization for what you do. If things work out I will be sure to send you an invitation to the wedding.


Jim B.


I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for everything you have done for Diana and me. We had a wonderful weekend! A special thank you to Vivian for her outstanding translation services. She was an extremely nice, professional and friendly woman and reflects very well on your agency. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an excellent translator.

Many, many, many thanks. Diana is a wonderful, amazing woman and we are very much in love. And we never would have met without your agency.

Greg S

Dear John,

I want to tell you what an excellent job Sandra Roldan and Juan Fernando of your Medellin office did for me. I first met Juan as soon as I arrived at the hotel during your Medellin tour at the end of August. Immediately Juan wanted to know what he could do to help me. I met Nora during that tour and Nora and I will be getting married in a few weeks. During the long difficult K-1 VISA process, Sandra in Medellin spent many hours helping Nora and I fill out paper work. Before Nora went for her interview in Bogota, Sandra spent her Saturday reviewing everything that would be needed for the interview. I just wanted you to know what a great employee she is for you and the countless hours she spends helping your clients. Juan also was ever present and ready to assist. He spent many hours giving Nora English lessons and her English has improved greatly over the last 6 months. Please feel free to use me as a reference for your organization.

Mitchell C. S., M.D.

The social was great.

Definitely the best of all I have been to. I really like the idea of there being the same number of tables as guy. Each guy takes a table and about every 15 minutes Sandra rings a bell and the guys move to another table. Helps all the girls get a little time with all the guys and helps guys like me who struggles approaching women even in this type of situation get around to all the girls. The girls far exceed the profiles. These woman are definitely more attractive in person. . This may work out after all. Catch you later.

Terry B,

Thank you so much for recommending Medellin. It was great! I want to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season. I hope to meet you one day. Anyway, I am going to plan another AFA Tour of Medellin after the holidays.

You folks are a top notched outfit.

Thomas A., Investigator

I would describe the socials as the ultimate speed dating experience. I met so many women I did not know what to do. After two nights, I had 14 ladies that agreed to meet me. I just did not have the time over the next 5 days to see them all. My only complaint was the tour needed to be much longer, so I could get to know all the ladies I was interested in.


Just a few words to say hello.

I am still in Medellin, this is my last day here. I have two things to describe this experience.

You really cannot overstate how wonderful this city is. The ladies are every bit as beautiful, sincere, warm, and sweet as you've told us, and MORE!

Originally, I had thought I would just try this tour for a vacation and to check out if everything I heard about AFA and Medellin was true, I was amazed, actually, as how AFA understated how wonderful this this beautiful city is.

There many interesting stories of Success in terms of finding someone special that came from this tour, but, MAN!, the real story is how wonderful this town is and the people here in Medellin. this is true, not only from the woman we met from AFA, but all the women here are some of the sweetest, warmest of any place in the world. this has got to be the worlds "Best Kept Secret"...

I could go on for days about all the cool things we experienced on this trip, but, for one, I am certain you will receive many other letters from the other men, and second, I just don't think I could adequately express my real feelings about this city...

For me, the overweight, unconfident, pessimist, guy I met one of the sweetest ladies and she is beautiful; her name is Diana I've attached her photo We really have been tied at the hip since the first day The funny thing is, at the social, I never made it to her table, it just ran late and there were so many wonderful interesting woman to talk to. I had already met a pretty cool girl, but she had to leave early, however, as I was leaving the social, everyone was walking out of the restaurant where the social was held and discussing where we were all going to go next for dancing; this is when Diana approached and, jokingly, gave me a hard time about not coming over to her table. We ended up at the disco together, and danced the entire time, then, we went out after that for some conversation and have been tied at the hip since then.

Some of the others, did great too. One of the coolest stories is about the Tour Client who met a woman from the hotel.. I must tell you, she is beautiful, and really a neat lady, they hit it off pretty well. I am not sure how that well progress, She is so typical of the women here all over this city. one of the funny things about that story was, that I ended up being the translator for them at one of their dates.

I can not forget to mention how wonderful the staff at Medellin is Sandra, Mui Especial, she is the hardest worker, and absolutely sweet, wonderful and took care of everything including taking me on a personal shopping trip to the mall to buy gifts for Diana. But there where many more people on the staff here. Milena, Adrianna, Rownal, as well as the interpreters Rowan, and Diana, and the others, man, this has got to be the best group, that AFA has anyplace.. the service was just without a doubt, better than anyone can imagine everywhere we went, AFA, the Hotels, the restaurants, we found 8 Star service.

Thanks, John, Bud, Steve, Peter, Sandra, and everyone for the great experience..

If there is anything I can do to help other guys needing encouragement or whatever, please let me know because regardless of how this relationship ends up, I know that AFA has their act together and I would love to encourage anyone needing the experience of a lifetime, to come here, it is the neatest place.


To everyone at AFA,

Bible scholars and Archeologists stop searching I have found the Garden of Eden, Medellin Columbia. The women are beautiful, the people are friendly, the weather perfect and the food is great. Oh yes, no insects, none. What more could anyone ask for. I was on the July 24 to 30 trip with AFA and I will definitely return to Medellin, very soon. I have never received better service. Of all the trips I have taken, I cannot think of one better. Thumbs up to Sandra the office manager, her assistant Juan and all the translators, especially Myriam. They give 110% to make sure your trip is as close to perfect as possible. If these guys can't make you happy then Jesus Christ couldn't make you happy. They are the best people you will meet anywhere.

The women are everything you have heard and more. They are not looking for a ticket to the U.S. or where ever you are from. They love their country, I love their country. They are looking for love first and foremost and everything else comes second.

I had so many people try to talk me out of going on this trip, the reasons ranged from its Cartel Central to its got to be a scam. Am I glad I didn't listen to family and friends. I have been to several South American cities buying antiques and never have I been in a place more safe than Medellin. So guys, get off the couch, stop wasting time dating in America where your wallet is the first consideration and take the next trip to Medellin. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Billy Lea
Pinehurst, North Carolina

Hello Peter,

It's Kevin Mack from Philadelphia. I don't know how to begin to describe the great time I had in Medellin. What a beautiful, safe & friendly city. I felt comfortable from the moment I got there & was greeted by my English speaking driver Jairo. What a great guy he is. The staff at the Hotel Casa Victoria was outstanding and went out of their way to make me feel welcome & comfortable. I wont forget the pretty young girls making the omelets at breakfast. It's hard to find the right superlative to describe the job Sandra does running the Medellin office. She is very professional and goes out of her way to be helpful. Juan is a great assistant and excellent translator. Monica worked as my translator during the whole trip and was awesome. I hope to keep building a relationship with 1 young lady I'm in love with. If it doesn't work out there are several others that I met & have their email addresses. I hope to return to Medellin around December for a follow up visit. I hope you enjoy your trip at the end of the month & please use my testimonial for all of the fools using eharmony & match.com.

Thanks for everything,
Kevin Mack


Medellin Singles Tour

Medellin, die Hauptstadt des kolumbianischen Staates Antioquia und die zweitgrößte Stadt Kolumbiens, gilt als eine der schönsten Städte Südamerikas. In der Stadt selbst und in der malerischen Umgebung gibt es viel zu tun und zu sehen. Die Stadt ist die Heimat von Parks, Palmen, Orchideen und tropischen Vögeln und liegt eingebettet in das malerische Aburrrá-Tal, das vom Fluss Medellin durchzogen wird.

Die ganzjährig angenehme frühlingshafte Klima macht Medellin als „La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera“ oder „Stadt des ewigen Frühlings“ bekannt. Medellin in der jedes Jahr im August die berühmte Blumenparade Feria de las Flores stattfindet. Seit 1957 wird das Ereignis jedes Jahr gefeiert. Musik, Tänze und kulturelle Veranstaltungen feiern die Bräuche der Antioquitäten, aber der Höhepunkt ist die Desfile de Silleteros, wo die Campesinos von den blumenreichen Bergen herunterkommen.

Das Nachtleben, genannt „Rumba“, findet an vielen Orten statt, beginnend ernsthaft am Donnerstagabend und dauert „heiß und schwer“ bis Samstagnacht. Die meisten der nationalen Schönheitsköniginnen und Top. Models in Kolumbien kommen aus Medellin.

Medellin ist eine schöne Stadt, modern und doch treu zu ihren regionalen Besonderheiten. Sie wurde 1616 gegründet, blieb aber bis zum Kaffeeboom klein. Später wurde sie zum Zentrum einer Textilindustrie und ist heute eine moderne, pulsierende Stadt. Die Paisas (Menschen aus Medellin) sind sehr freundlich und gastfreundlich und hilfreich.

Die Berge, die die ganze Stadt umgeben, lassen es ein wenig geheimnisvoll aussehen, aber sie sehen nachts unglaublich schön aus, wenn sie mit Licht gefüllt sind. Die Skulpturen des Botero hinterlassen einen gemütlichen Eindruck und die Parks mit Springbrunnen und die Plätze vor den Kirchen machen die Stadt noch gemütlicher. Medellin ist die einzige kolumbianische Stadt mit einem U-Bahn-System.

Medellin Singles Tour Medellin bei Nacht Medellin bei Nacht

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